Community Advocacy and Training

Dawn Meet Dawn photo 19
Cogent Concepts works closely with community groups to address policies that impact them.  Cogent works to educate elected officials, enabling them to make informed decisions on behalf of their constituents.  Cogent also assists in research and drafting of  legislation and amendments.
Cogent Concepts monitors legislation, plans legislative days at the capitol, and connects community members, advocates, and organizations with their legislators.
dawn-meet-dawn-photo-50.jpgCogent Concepts not only walks side-by-side with grassroots advocates, we empower them to strategically advocate for themselves through advocacy and grassroots organizer training.  “Giving Dawn Meet Dawn photo 9.jpga person a fish will only feed them for a day, but teaching a person to fish will feed them for a lifetime.”  This is a value this firm holds dear.

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